• A solution for problems from site-installed beams – Finally!
• Secure, locking seams. No unsightly gaps!
• Highest quality real wood craftsmanship
• The look of solid timbers without the weight or cost
• Easy installation reducing time and cost
• Creative solutions: Custom Sizes, textures, and finishes available
• Peace of mind: Consistent, quality craftsmanship and materials
• Additional real wood accents include: 4-sided columns, mantles, and more.
• Easy Installation and Locking Seams

• Real wood handcrafted to endure
• The look of solid timbers without the weight or cost
• Easy installation
• Consistency in beam sizes, textures, and finishes
• Secure, hidden joints and seams that will not separate!
• Creative options: Numerous layouts, wood finishes, and room options
• A team of skilled, friendly craftsmen who will listen and help you achieve your vision affordably and creatively.

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All decorative beams are not created equally. Most site-installed beams soon develop gaps, leaving builders and homeowners frustrated. 

They can be inconsistent in shape and size. They can split.

TN Box Beams has solved this perplexing, costly issue.

At the request of local builders, our team of skilled craftsmen set out to solve the beam dilemma. The fix: Real wood box beams designed with unique, puzzle-fit, locking seams and a beam construction plan that ensure the lasting look of solid timbers without the weight or the cost.

This special solution was so effective for builders, that it birthed our company—TN Box Beams, now the go-to source for quality wood beams for builders throughout the region.

Our Franklin, Tennessee-based industrial woodworking facility is equipped for consistency, quality, and large-scale production. Our team is made up of highly skilled, precision-driven craftsmen who understand the language of real wood; how it responds, how it breathes, how it endures over time.

This kind of quality and attention to material is critical when it comes to the value and beauty of a custom home or commercial installation.

“What I really love about working with TN Box Beams is the quality of their work. They jumped at the opportunity to solve the wood beam problem and their wood beams have been a huge success for us.”

Daryl Walny, V.P. of Operations & Partner, Carbine & Associates

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